Butterfly Effect Designs is a clothing & fashion store in the virtual world of Second Life.

The first designs emerged from the need of its owner, Sybil Hallison, to create a teen look for her avatar that was both cute & grunge in August 2011. The idea for a SL shop was born, and that was the beggining for Butterfly Effect Designs. A marketplace store was opened and not long after, a small inworld store followed that.

Since then Butterfly Effect Designs, became an ever-growing business offering women’s clothing and footwear for different tastes & styles: Cute & Childish, Sexy & Provocative, Chic & Elegant, Gothic & Grunge.
But all creations have one thing in common: Quality in affordable prices, with unique, hand-drawn textures. You will not find prefab clothing in BE Designs, because…

..in BE Designs we like you for what you really are, unique!

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